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  • Dubrovnik

    Dubrovnik the pearl of the Croatian Adriatic, is included in the UNESCO´S World Heritage list, and there are 1436 protected historic buildings that testify to it.

    The historic city of Dubrovnik, the former centre of the Republic of Dubrovnik is surrounded by a 2 kilometre long city wall. A most wonderful city developed within the walls with its numerous churches, palaces, cultural monuments as well as the Stradun, the famous promenade, where you can see people from all over the world, old and young alike.

    "The second most beautiful place in the world,apart from the one you were born in, is Dubrovnik, without doubt. This is not only
    the question of beauty susceptible to the influences of time, taste or the eye of the beholder. It is the question of beauty which leaves you speachless, leaving to your soul means of expression which need no translation and no interpreters. For Dubrovnik stands before you, the city-dictionary of all the key concepts, the city-interpreter which by explaining itself, discovers the secret of your own substance which you get to know better the more you get to know that city.Without it the world jigsaw - puzzle would not be complete - it would be short of one piece surrounded by fairy circle of magic which lasts when all the other disappear.

    When we get away from the sunny vineyards and olive groves, and orange and laurel groves, only ten minutes away from the City which, seen from the hill, looks as compact as the model in the hand of its patron St. Blaise - when we get away from its harmonious architecture and leave the infinite sea behind the mount Srđ - we will find ourselves surrounded by wild silence of a different world.

    From the top it will seem to us that the continent pushes the City into the sea. In dinstinction from all other Croatian Adriatic towns which have their sea closed by land or by islands - and which are situated in channels, at the end of fiords, in straits or on shores of sea lakes - Dubrovnik has open seas in front of it.

    But, Dubrovnik has its landscape interiors, too - in Rijeka, in Župa, on Elaphite islands... One long look joins together the stormy sea, which has been undermining the city walls for a millenium, and the tame waters in front of the stairs of summer residences. This place, like no other place, makes us realize that landscape - depending on seasonal and daily changes - has its moods, just like people. Nowhere are water and air, earth and fire so interlaid, in pure states of matter as here, in the landscape of Dubrovnik, and nowhere are they so harmonious. In the landscape of absolute beauty, the city of Dubrovnik is a sort of natural phenomenon in its own right."

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